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Who Is IntSAR?

An International diplomatic initiative establishing a predominantly volunteer multi-national service with diplomatic recognition and rank equivalence to defense and emergency service agencies around the globe. Governed under the Memorandum of Understanding leading to the drafting of the IntSAR Treaty to provide a large scale natural disaster response, augmenting sea air rescue capabilities to member nations.

Why Was IntSAR Created?

Scientific evidence leads experts to believe that due to geological activity in a variety of areas of the Pacific Ring (also referred to as the Pacific Ring of Fire) inhabitants of the area are at serious and imminent risk of natural disasters which will have devastating consequences. The International Sea Air Rescue Humanitarian Aid Service (IntSAR) shall have 14 fleets strategically located around the world that are capable of providing humanitarian aid globally until other local emergency agencies and other aid organizations are able to assist.

The IntSAR Commission Diplomatic Mission

"IntSAR's Mission is to respond rapidly to major disasters impacting member nations routinely while focusing on large scale preparation ahead of predicted mega disasters regardless of presumptions. It is the Unexpected we expect. Our job is to mitigate the loss of life"

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