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Strategic Partnership between IntSAR and Cyber Security Solutions for IT and Communications Services

IntSAR is proud to announce its intent to enter into a Strategic Partnership with US Company Cyber Security Solutions (CSS) for its Information Technology and Tactical Communications services across the IntSAR capability.

The unique nature of the IntSAR organization being a multi-governmental agency requires a specific and tailored solution for its multi-national Cyber Security compliance. CSS, being an Industry leader in Cyber Security compliance and CMMC, was the obvious choice for IntSAR in partnering for a multi-national compliant IT solution.

Expanding on the CSS IT and Cyber solution proposal, they have excelled in their initiative to support the IntSAR global mission by partnering with other Industry SME’s to offer a full tactical IT and Communications solution for IntSAR operations, all wrapped up in a cost effective turn-key solution.

CSS have sourced state of the art equipment and services from other Industry leaders such as Transpondr and A|Z Creates in order to ensure that IntSAR achieves secure, high quality communications for land, sea and airborne operations. IntSAR looks forward to a long and mutually beneficial partnership with CSS as they assist in the development of a global disaster response and humanitarian aid capability

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