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IntSAR Capability Review – Lockheed Martin C-130J Super Hercules

The Lockheed Martin C130J Super Hercules is the flagship of the IntSAR aviation fleet. It is a well renowned aircraft having proven its capability over the last 60 years in both military and civilian roles through a number of variants. As such it was an easy choice for our operations.

The C130 is a multi-engine aircraft capable of taking-off and landing on short, sometimes fairly unprepared surfaces.

The aircraft has a multi-role capability which enables it to be used in a number of different mission types with IntSAR.

The C130 is used to transport Personnel, food, drinking water, and first-aid equipment into disaster areas. It can also be fitted with a large internal bladder allowing it to be used in large scale bush or forest fire fighting applications.

The large rear cargo ramp of the Hercules can be opened in flight. This allows for the rapid deployment of Medical Personnel and supplies into disaster areas by way of parachute, bringing much needed help to disaster victims before surface-based assistance can arrive.

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