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IntSAR Capability Review – Robinson R22

The Robinson R22 Helicopter is the aircraft that has been chosen for primary initial rotary aircraft training for IntSAR Pilots.

The R22 first produced in 1979, is still in production to this day. Over 4500 R22’s have been built. It is the preferred training aircraft for flight schools across the world to teach helicopter Pilots their initial skills in a rotary type aircraft.

The R22 is a 2 seat, piston engine rotary aircraft. It is capable of cruise speeds of up to 90 knots. Allowing it to cruise between destinations at speeds similar to light 2 seat fixed wing style training aircraft, making it also possible for navigation training.

It’s light construction and low running cost make it ideal for training purposes. Because of its light construction and agility, you will often find an R22 working hard mustering cattle in the Australian outback.

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