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IntSAR COVID Response Policy

With COVID-19 placing constraints on how we all interact, IntSAR has had to adapt like everyone else. While changes have been made to protect workers, volunteers and the wider community from the threats of this virus, the establishment of our humanitarian and disaster support efforts continues.

The development of IntSAR’s COVID-19 Guidelines has completed the first stage and is awaiting review. Given that the circumstances currently around the globe are still dynamic and evolving with COVID-19 every effort has been made to ensure that the information is as current as possible, however, due to the likelihood of further changes this document will remain live and be subject to monthly review, with updates added when required.

As IntSAR is a multi-jurisdictional organisation with multifaceted work environments creating a foundation document which provides a base to develop specific guidelines and principles which can be transferred into any operational location is prudent. These guidelines and principles will provide the basis of any COVID-19 plan within IntSAR. The document covers the necessity of conducting risk assessments and follows the format of planning implementation, monitoring and review of strategies to ensure that best practice and gold standard are attained throughout the organisation.

The primary document discusses the requirements at both an organizational and personal level in relation to COVID-19. These two levels are not mutually exclusive, they are in fact both highly dependent on each other and as such, each member of IntSAR has a personal responsibility to abide by the guidelines in relation to their fellow members and the communities which we serve.

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