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The IntSAR Air Rescue and Response Capability

Due to the high speed and long range nature of Air Operations, when a remote disaster strikes, the first capability to arrive on the scene will usually be in the form of IntSAR aircraft. The IntSAR Air Rescue and Response capabilities will rapidly respond to calls for help from our member nations around the globe. These calls can range from urgent natural disaster response such as bush fires, earthquakes, tsunami’s, cyclones or hurricanes, to assisting with search and rescue mission response.

IntSAR’s Air Lift Squadron capabilities will include the Hercules C130J, which will be capable of rapid deployment from various locations around the globe.  These aircraft will deliver vital supplies and personnel to any mission, in addition to supporting air to ground SAR operations. Additionally, support from our rotary wing assets will expand and bolster this capability to include vertical access and recovery for open seas and hard to access locations.   

Operational rotary wing aircraft are fitted with hoist and winching capabilities. This can be a treacherous and challenging undertaking in emergency situations for the aircrew, but the intense specialised training they undergo ensures the crews are qualified for operations.

As with most emergency response, our teams will be ready for a rapid deployment 24/7.  Aircrew response time is a critical aspect of any Emergency mission.

IntSAR’s quick response flight planning cells, supplemented by our local and fleet level intelligence organisations, gather as much accurate information on the incident and mission profile as possible prior to take-off. In addition to the basic flight planning parameters (e.g. weather, route planning, fuel calculations, etc), each operational mission plan shall take into consideration additional emergency response consideration specific to the particular mission (e.g. special payloads or capabilities, local political environment, ground situation intelligence, any potential hostile parties in the area, specialist medical or triage capabilities, any restricted airspace or warzones that must be traversed, etc).  The IntSAR air rescue and response capabilities shall be ready for any and all situations at short notice.

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