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What do disasters, politics, toilet paper, and preparation have in common?

What do disasters, politics, toilet paper, and preparation have in common?

2020 was a year unlike any experienced in living history. If you’re reading this, you’re one of the lucky ones. I survived a global pandemic. You did too. We made it (so far), but we are not unscathed. The trauma of the most catastrophic year in living history will continue to ripple through our lives. We will never be the same. Chaos and unpredictability are guaranteed. If we learned anything, we are ill prepared for disasters, leaving us feeling afraid, isolated, depressed, and uncertain.

All is not lost! We are changing the way the world responds to chaos and disaster. We are here to lead the way, save lives, bring hope, security, and peace of mind.


Where were you on 9/11? The first plane crashed into the Twin Towers, and we watched in mute horror. The second plane ripped holes in our collective and individual well-being, demonstrating how fragile life is. We realized that great evil abounds, and without notice, we may unwittingly become part of another’s hateful narrative. The repercussions of that day reverberate today and will echo across the corridors of time.

Some things are unforgettable, but that does not mean we cannot prepare and thereby mitigate the potential impact to a minimum..


Life-altering events, including earthquakes, tsunamis, fires, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, and volcanic activity, dominate news headlines, driving fear into our already exhausted hearts. Racial profiling, active warfare, and biological threats are part of our daily lives like never before. Our worldviews and understandings collectively shift with each new crisis. Trauma penetrates every aspect of our lives.

We no longer wonder if something will occur that radically upend all we know – we know it is a matter of when.


We expect politics to be a dirty game. Blame shifts with political will and loyalties, bending and yielding to the highest bidder. Misinformation and disinformation settle on us like the Grand Banks off Newfoundland. Looking through the haze, we can never be certain what is there. Likewise, we are never quite sure what is true with all the contradictory messaging depending on how truth is defined.

Politicians for the most part are often cited as failed leaders. Thank goodness some few are are not.

That reality can change.

It must change.

It starts with “ME” meaning YOU. We the people need you.

Preparation Precedes Power

2020 demonstrated what did not work on a local, state, national, and global level.

We watched, learned, adapted, and innovated.

We’ve created practical prevention policies and practices to save lives.

How are leaders preventing and preparing against the chaos that is commonplace? If we know anything, it is that we must raise the bar for timely action. IntSAR has risen to the occasion. 

Have you considered disaster planning? Did you execute your plans only to discover they were not enough or the emergency that occurred was not the one planned for?  What was your response time? Was it effective? What adjustments were made? Is there more that must occur to increase successful results?

What emergency response is adequate for Covid?

What have we learned?

Have you utilized the information to shift the odds back in our favor for the next disaster?

At IntSAR, we have considered and addressed full-spectrum threat matrices. We’ve developed practical, timely, and downright affordable solutions to respond to the next crisis and save lives. Yours may be the life we save.

A Shining Beacon

IntSAR is a global coalition of the best and brightest. United by our passion for responding to disasters in a rapid, practiced, and humane way, we were honored to brief the Government and Opposition in May 2021. Our solutions to provide preventative and immediate response strategies complete with practical facility operations were outlined. Our innovative dual-purpose facility offers structure, stability, and sustainability, especially during a crisis.

The IntSAR team rises above politics to provide much-needed resources and personnel to member nations without undermining national sovereignty.

IntSAR Admiralty is global. Except for Adm. Peter Cowell (political appointee), the vast majority of the team are former naval admiralty or world-renowned experts in their respective fields of operations. We are a solution to world wide problems – a vastly diverse and unprecedented experienced leadership group.

Call to Action 

Several nations have aligned with our solutions. Now, we invite you, as citizens and representatives of your countries, to participate. ALL are needed and welcome.

Let us unite as a global family and collectively “declare war” on those elements that threaten our lives, families, and all we love. Let us be proactive, utilizing plans and trusting in the peace that results from doing all we can do.

Join the IntSAR multinational disaster response agency. We are a full-scale, rapid engagement solution provider. The cost is less than most western-nation governmental annual toilet paper bills! After all, we know how valuable toilet paper is! 

Politicians and policy-makers – we are the only practical, ready-to-go solution providers that can enable your successive victory at the ballot box. We offer hope. We provide leadership – we rise when others freeze, falter or fail.

The Covid pandemic still lingers, fires will always rage, and natural disasters continue to loom. The electorates are sick of fear, lockdowns, and improper responses, inadequacy, and inaction.

Let the future say that our leadership rose above partisan politics and came together for humanity?

Are your electorate’s concerns worth more than toilet paper?

Be a hero to your spouse, children, community, constituents, and the world.

Join us in saving lives… without prejudice.

Disasters won’t wait – and neither should you.

Get involved NOW. A sanitized version of the IntSAR Admiralty brief is available for details of this disaster response initiative. Upon request, the link to view the IntSAR Admiralty virtual conference will be provided.

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Previous Appointment of the IntSAR Surgeon General – Rear Admiral Ciro Bustos

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