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Message from the Chair of the IntSAR Admiralty Board

Our sincerest thoughts go out to those affected by the tragedy of 9/11 on this, the 20th anniversary of the event that plunged the globe into the longest war of the modern era.

In the last few weeks, we have witnessed the continuation of mankind’s inhumanity with the fall of Afghanistan and the barbarity now sweeping through the region. Our prayers, wishes and hopes are extended to those suffering even now, regardless of religion or race, in a call for the rise of HUMANITY in this troubled world.

It is the mission of IntSAR (OUR MISSION), to lead that rise of humanity, to bring love to our world in the form of relief, care and the preservation of life. We do this together as shipmates and we do it in the name of our humanity and our values. We do it to be true to ourselves and our loved ones. This is our purpose as a team.

Any who still dare to stand in opposition to the IntSAR Program openly proclaim their vial disregard to the needs of the world. We stand for what is right and what is good. We stand for OUR humanity and YOURS. Stand with us or shrink into the dark shadows of your corruption. We call upon world leaders to continue to step up in righteousness. Let your light shine for the world to see and be the source of inspiration that it is your duty to be.

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