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National membership with IntSAR is the best insurance policy against natural disasters a nation can have.

Regardless of the nature of the emergency, IntSAR can commit all required and available resources to assist your local disaster relief authorities in any way it can to help mitigate the loss of lives, without any red tape, bureaucracy or hindrance. Each nation’s membership helps IntSAR develop and increase its capability to support the entire world in times of great need. National membership with IntSAR is every nation’s moral duty to support all mankind in times of need. To learn more or to contact IntSAR about national membership, tap the button below.

Member Nations

There are currently over 30 member nations to the IntSAR Treaty, which ensures that these nations receive the full benefits of IntSAR membership, including disaster relief, maritime search and rescue and humanitarian aid when required without any delays or encumbrances. To discuss the benefits of National Membership with IntSAR, please contact IntSAR Headquarters here: ( IntSAR has several levels of manning, akin to that of a military command structure. To command, administer and meet international maritime requirements, there is a significant Full-time IntSAR Regular cadre, supported by an even larger IntSAR Reserve (part-time) professional workforce to bolster IntSAR manning during training exercises and times of need. There are various professions that are required to provide the type of disaster relief, humanitarian aid and search & rescue services within the IntSAR capability, including:
  • Medical Personnel (Doctors, Nurses, First responders, etc)
  • Sailors
  • Logisticians
  • Technicians/Tradespersons
  • Pilots/Aircrew
  • Rescue and Survival Specialists
These particular flags do not represent the current IntSAR member nations


IntSAR is primarily a volunteer service. Volunteering with IntSAR will put you on the front line during times of great peril and hardship caused by any number of disasters, both natural and man-made, around the world. A noble pursuit that will afford members training and opportunities very few organizations can offer. Volunteering with IntSAR ensures that you can help serve the global community in times of need.

Full Time / Reserve Service

There are various career paths open to those who are willing and suitable for paid full-time or reserve service with IntSAR.
Some careers include but are not limited to:

  • Aviation
  • Maritime
  • Intelligence
  • Logistics
  • Security


IntSAR shall provide world-class training in all aspects of these professions to volunteers and full-time members, which will come with globally recognized qualifications. It is the intent to recruit from all member nations, including those with a high percentage of underprivileged people living in poverty, as a way to provide education and up-skilling opportunities to individuals in order to lift themselves out of these conditions, with an intent to return home once they have completed their service to help better their communities. This is all part of the IntSAR philosophy to help the global community in any way it can.
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