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Admiral Peter Cowell


Appointed as Chair of the IntSAR Admiralty Board by the IntSAR Board in 2018, Admiral Peter Cowell brings 27 years of service to the organization, with his extensive experience across Intelligence, Security, Terrorism and Counter-terrorism. Originally enlisted in the Australian Army Reserve where he served for 6 years in the Armoured recon Regiment 1st/15th RNSWL (Cavalry). Cowell undertook additional training including basic Intel training which sparked his interest in specializing within this field.

Transferring to the Corps of Engineers 5 Field Squadron 4 Field Engineer Regiment, Cowell later moved to Law Enforcement within the area of Corrections and Internal Investigations where he gained further experience in new technologies being used in the field of terrorism and threat management. This lead to Cowell’s appointment to develop further capabilities in this field which has led to further training in Security, Terrorism & Counter-terrorism. Cowell is currently undertaking a second major in Law Studies. A member of the Australian Institute of Professional Intelligence Officers, Admiral Peter Cowell is a proud decedent of the Peak Hill – Wiradjuri (Aboriginal) community, living in the Bathurst NSW region.

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